How do I become a member?
Contact the club secretary for membership forms

When can I practice?
Practice times for full and associate members are 9:00am-dusk Monday-Saturday and 12:00pm - dusk on Sundays.

On race day the track is open for practice to all participants until sign-ins.  During sign-ins the track is open for Rookie Right of Way.  The track is open to all classes, with rookie drivers taking priority.

Where can I find information on purchasing a car & equipment?
Contact our club president and check out the USAC website forum Classified section. All rules for the 2012 season can be downloaded from the Owner's Garage section on the USAC website.

Who can help answer all of my questions?

Please feel free to contact any of our club officers

 Club Officer                    Phone Number                      E-mail
Todd Pelfrey
Vice President
Doug Stevens
Robyn Stevens
 937-408-7922 robynstv@hotmail.com
Tina McPherson
Rookie Director
Jeff Wren
 937-441-6440 jeff_wren@yahoo.com
Tech Director
Dan Steves
 Safety Director 
Chuck McNeil
 Race Director
Corey McNeil
 Officer at Large
Randy Lucius
Publicity Director
Robyn Stevens
 937-408-7922 robynstv@hotmail.com
Tower Director
Jen Pelfrey

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